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Q: I want to stay in my own home, but I also want to be secure in knowing that others will be watching-out for me. How can my own home compete with the safety of an assisted-living facility?

A: The careful answer to this is a balance of advantages and disadvantages that your own home has vs. an assisted-living facility. The first advantage your home has is familiarity. You know where everything is. The route to the bathroom. The length of the back porch. Where the “good china” is kept. In an assisted-living facility, someone will certainly show you all of these things, but you will pay for that. In-home assistance carries costs too, but your own home provides your shelter, which is a large part of the costs of an assisted-living facility.

By modifying your home, you can enjoy access to the same daily-use facilities that were built-into assisted-living developments. Bathrooms (where the majority of life-changing falls occur) can be modified to provide walk-in/wheel-in bathtubs or showers. The walk-in/wheel-in tubs can even be fitted with pampering water or air jets to provide a home spa. Toilets can be raised to lessen bending. Outside the bathroom, grab-bars can easily be installed for more stability. Small sets of steps can be illuminated by brighter lighting or eliminated by short ramps. Laundry appliances can also be raised to eliminate bending.


Q: Can the costs of remodeling my own home be financed without a lien on my home?

A: Yes, and it is a more traditional type of financing. With many assisted-living facilities, your home is the source of paying for your residence in the facility. Unique Home Solutions has arranged financing for thousands of customers without placing their homes in collateral. Further, even the total cost of a major remodeling job is less than one year in an assisted-living community. Additionally, many of the advanced technology products (triple-pane windows, Solid-Core® siding and Green Energy® insulation) that Unique installs result in lower energy bills. You are also protected financially by the famous Unique warranties that include labor and are never pro-rated.


Q: Does the coverage of a Unique warranty stop when I leave my home?

A: No. All Unique warranties are on the life of your home, so they transfer to an heir or a buyer. The non-prorated aspect of a Unique warranty means that coverage does not diminish over time. No matter how long you have had your Unique Home Solutions products, you have full warranty coverage. This means that you not only have a safer and more comfortable home for your retirement, but the value of your home is increased.

Expert: Home Modifications and Rehab

Dave Riggle

Fall Prevention Director

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