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“40% of nursing home admissions are from falls in the home”

Q: What are the comparative costs of fixing up my home to moving into a senior living facility?

A: According to the 2012 Genworth Financial cost of care survey, the average cost of assisted living in Indiana is $3,620 per month. The cost of a UHS bathroom remodel with grab bars and a ramp on the front walkway varies depending on the extent of the work you have done, but, it is a one-time investment that is much less than paying for assisted living, especially before it is really necessary.

Q: Will the resell value be affected if I add in such things like grab bars and a walk-in tub?

A: A higher percentage of folks are looking for those move-in ready Aging In Place homes…So by adding such items, you will be adding value to your home.

Q: I hear there are a lot of products available to make my home safer and would be cost-effective?

A: Compared to a trip to the ER or Rehab appointments and such, making improvements to your home is much more cost efficient. Adding just a couple of grab bars could prevent a fall that could send your life spiraling out of control.

Q: I don’t want my house to look like a nursing home…what safety items can I add but not make it look so clinical?

A: There are so many options available these days. There are grab bars that are multi-functional and look like towel racks, toilet paper holders and accessory shelves. Most people won’t even know that they are there for anything more than just mere decoration. There is also a variety of colors and finishes available as well.

Q: Is there a cost to have someone come in and assess my home?

A: To get an evaluation/ assessment of your bathroom is free. For a whole home assessment, which you can imagine will take quite a bit of time, does have a nominal fee.

Q: Does Unique Home solutions offer financing?

A: Unique Home Solutions has several lenders that they are associated with who provide some financial options. Credit cards and cash, of course, are accepted as well.

Q: What if you can’t do the work we want done?

A: We have been in the remodeling industry for over 30 years so if we cannot do the work you are looking to do, we will be glad to recommend someone else.

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