Carver Living Center is a long term care facility in Durham, North Carolina offering Assisted Living, Alzheimer’s-Dementia Care, Skilled Nursing Care, Rehab Services, and Respite.

long term careQ: What is the role of a social worker in a long term care setting?

A: To advocate and assess resident’s social, emotional and environmental needs. The social worker frequently acts as an intermediary between the resident and support services. Social workers in long term care settings assist in maintaining the therapeutic environment essential to the optimal quality of life and independent functioning of each resident. In conjunction with multiple responsibilities, a long term care social worker coordinates care conferences, maintains conflict and resolution through a grievance process, assists resident’s and their families with advance directives(Living Will, Power of Attorney, etc.); manages discharge planning, and performs mini mental assessments also known as BIMS.

Q: What are Advance Directives?

A: Advance Directives are documents such as living wills and healthcare power of attorneys that specify your wishes related to healthcare in the event you are unable to speak for yourself.  A Power of Attorney is a legal document giving someone else, who is called your “agent” or “attorney-in-fact”, the power to act on your behalf in certain circumstances. A general power of attorney gives the person the power to act for you in a variety of transactions, which are usually listed in a specific document. A durable general power of attorney is one that stays in effect even if you become incompetent. This document is very important to have in place BEFORE it is needed. In the State of North Carolina, The Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment (MOST) are Physician orders based on the person’s medical condition and wishes. A MOST form can be signed by the patient or their Power of Attorney (POA). Information obtained from 2013 Directory of Resources for Older Adults in Wake County.

Q: Does NC Medicaid cover long term care?

A: Yes, Medicaid is a federal government program administered by each state to provide medical services for persons with minimal to moderate income. Medicaid will pay for nursing home services provided the individual meets income and medical eligibility requirements. In order to accept Medicare or Medicaid patients, the long term care facility must be participants of federal and state Medicare and Medicaid program. Private insurance plans, long term care plans, and private pay are additional payor sources at Carver Living Center. For additional information, contact our Business Office at 919.471.3558.

Q:  In a long term care facility, how are abuse, neglect and financial exploitation addressed?

A: Older adults are often vulnerable to various methods of exploitation such as physical, psychological, financial abuse and neglect. In a long term care setting, the social worker must serve as an advocate for the resident and often utilizes community resources such as the Department of Social Services and the North Carolina Long Term Care Ombudsman.

Q: How does the social worker assist residents with cognitive delays and impairment?

A: Many residents with dementia have difficulty in communicating their wishes in traditional ways, their abilities to express their needs clearly may be impaired and displayed through advert behaviors. When assessing residents with any form of cognitive impairment, it is important for the environment to be distraction free and ample time provided for interaction. The task is performed in a calm manner and the interview is often tailored to meet the individual’s specific need. Care conferences are often held with the resident’s support system and the facility interdisciplinary team which consists of Director of Social Services, Rehabilitation Director, Psychologist,  MDS Nurse, Dietary Manager, Unit Nurse Manager, Activities Director and the facility’s Medical Director as needed. At Carver Living Center, we are dedicated to providing the very best care to those we serve.


Wilma Spain, BSW, MSWWilma Spain, BSW, MSW – Wilma joined the Carver team in March of 2013. She received her Masters of Social Work degree from Fayetteville State University, CSWE, accredited program. She has 9 years of social work experience, she has established great rapport with community, state, and federal agencies. She brings many attributes to Carver Living Center. In Wilma’s free time, she enjoys traveling and reading. Wilma resides in Knightdale, NC with her two children, Kelvin and Jasmine.

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