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By: Jennifer C. Kirstein

May  25, 2011 –

JENNIFER C. KIRSTEIN | Owner/Decorator of Senior Smart Moves, Inc. Indy’s premier moving and downsizing specialist. A complete relocation, liquidation, and decorating service for Seniors 55 and older.

Q: We are thinking of moving my mother into a retirement community. What is the difference between a traditional moving company and a downsizing company? – Amy

A: One of the big differences is that not only do we help with packing and moving like a traditional moving company; but we also help with making the decisions as to what will fit in the new residence, unpack boxes and put everything back away in its appropriate place so your mother’s new home is in move-in condition.

Q: We live out of town and cannot be there for my mother’s move. Do you have someone that can oversee the move?- David

A: Yes. We will have a Move Manager/Decorator that will guide every aspect of your mother’s move. Having a decora- tor that will work with her as to what will fit and won’t fit in her new space is the first obstacle. Once the floor plan has been established, then the Move Manager/Decorator will continue to guide the move from start to finish to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Q: Do you only move Seniors? – Ted

A Yes. We cater to the 55 and older demographic. It has been our experience that Seniors (and/or their families) some- times need that extra bit of help when it comes to moving from a home where they have spent most of their lives and are being moved to a new setting. We go to great lengths to insure that our employees are trained to be sympathetic to this situation and to insure that every detail is taken care of associated with their relocation so that the family can spend their time with mom and/or dad in a stress free environment.

Q: Do you offer any other services associated with moving, such as what to do with what is left? – Justin

A: Yes. We offer a complete cleanout service. We will take things to storage if need be and take care of any deliver- ies that need to be made to family members. We also can arrange for any shipments that need to go to out-of-town family members. Then we can completely cleanout the re- mainder of items in residence to get the house ready for the real estate market.

“…every detail is taken care of associated with their relocation so that the family can spend their time with mom or dad in an stress free environment.”

Q: What would happen with the remaining items in the home that are not moved and that family can’t use? – Justin

A: Every household has a percentage of items that may be sell- able on the second hand market; items that can be donated; and then items that just need to be taken for disposal. First, our experienced staff will separate and list the items they feel are sellable and will discuss with you the best option for liquidation. Second, they will list and drop off any items for donation at a charity of your choosing. Lastly we can pack items for disposal and cleanout to a dumpster set on-site or set out for trash pickup depending the quantity.



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