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Ask The Expert: Independent Living

Marketing Director for Clearwater Commons in Indianapolis, IN



Q: Why should we consider Independent Living when our mortgage is paid for?


A: This is the most common question asked. I know it probably seems like you are saving money staying in your home for as long as you can because you no longer have a mortgage payment. I urge you to write down all your expenses you pay yearly, monthly, weekly, etc and compare it to what it would cost for you to live in a “MAINTENANCE FREE” Independent Living community. With the rise in property taxes, trash removal, basic utilities, lawn maintenance and homeowner fees, prospects are amazed how much they will actually save by living in an Independent Living “MAINTENANCE FREE” community.



Q: What’s typically included in Independent Living?


A: For most of the Independent Living communities, utilities, trash removal, transportation, house- keeping, some meals, and regularly planned activities are included. What’s nice about having all of these amenities available to you is that you no longer have the hardships of trying to find the time to maintain all of them in your home. A community alleviates this so you can spend this phase of your life enjoying all the things you like to do.



Q: What’s the typical Long-Term commitment for Independent Living?


A: Each community is different. This is a critical question that should always be asked on your initial visit to communities because there are quite a few Independent Living communities that ask for a large endowment. Other communities require monthly rent with a yearly lease agreement.



Q: How is Independent Living in a community different from living in our home?


A: You still have the freedom to come and go as you please, but have access to all the amenities a community offers. If you don’t feel like cooking, you have access to deliciously prepared meals. If you need transportation to and from doctor appointments, it’s readily available. If you are feeling lonely, and need a friend; just open your door.


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