compass parkQ: Who is Compass Park?

A: Compass Park is the 100 year-old Indiana Masonic Home steeped in rich history.  Located in scenic Franklin, Indiana in a beautiful park-like setting.

Q: What does Compass Park offer?
A: Compass Park is a true individualized continuum care community offering Independent Living, Residential Living, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation, and a state of the art Memory Care Unit.

Q: What are the qualifications to live at Compass Park?

•  Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation is open to the public and fraternal members

•  Memory Care is open to the public and fraternal members

•  Assisted Living is open to the public and fraternal members

•  Independent Living is open to fraternal members and

immediate family

Q: What other amenities are offered at Compass Park?

• Community Center Event Hall with spacious rooms which

can be utilized for meetings, weddings, reunions, parties,

seminars, social events

• Swimming pool with aquatic classes such as arthritis water

therapy.  The pool can be used for swimming laps and

rented out for parties 

• State of the art exercise room with yoga, pialates, and

exercise equipment such as low weights, elliptical

machines and cycles


Meet The Experts!

Chad Davis, Director of Business Development and Jan Campbell, Clinical Liaison

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