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Q: What is the average age and length of stay in a Rehabilitation Program?

A: Individuals of all ages and ability levels can benefit from a  short-term skilled nursing facility stay. Length of stay can vary for patients depending on the extent of their illness or injury. Many participants are able to complete their program in less than two weeks.


Q: What are the benefits of completing a skilled nursing rehabilitation program?

A: Many patients just want to return home after a short-term hospital stay. They don’t realize how a short-term rehabilitation program can improve their recovery time. People who complete a short-term rehab program have very positive outcomes. Patients are able to return home stronger than they were prior to surgery in most cases.  Patients involved in a skilled nursing program receive a much more intensive and consistent rehabilitation program than they would be able to receive post discharge to their home setting.


Q:  What would you suggest patients do prior to a planned surgery?

A: Patients should choose the rehabilitation center that best meets their needs. It is essential patients speak with the admissions director at the rehab facility to discuss information regarding their surgical procedure, their post discharge planning and insurance information.   Completing this prior to hospitalization will allow for a smooth transition from hospital to the rehabilitation center. It will ultimately give the patient more peace of mind. Patients will be informed of the services the facility offers and how their insurance covers these services. Most importantly they will be familiar with the facility staff who are there to assist them during their journey to wellness.


Q: What are some things to consider about skilled nursing services?

A: Medicare covers medically necessary services for skilled nursing and rehabilitative services after a minimum 3-day inpatient hospital stay. Many people feel they need Skilled Services after an observation only hospital visit but this is not covered under the guidelines and Medicare does not cover long-term or custodial care services.

When considering a skilled nursing facility it is important to evaluate the type of benefits available under your current insurance plan as well. Medicare covers the first 20 days each benefit period and you or your Medicare supplement plan may pay the coinsurance per day for days 21-100 in a benefit period. Some questions to consider are the following:

Blue Ridge Nursing Center and Highland Ridge Rehab Center are two of the Skilled Nursing Facilities that make up The Landmark Group. Blue Ridge Nursing Center, located in Stuart, Virginia, has a progressive rehabilitation program with 190-beds. Highland Ridge Rehab Center, located in Dublin, Virginia, has a new rehabilitation program with Aqua Therapy with 132-beds.

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