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Q: What is Rehabilitation in a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF)?

A: Rehabilitation in a SNF is typically composed of 3 services, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy. Those services are designed to restore a patient’s independence to the highest level possible through the use of skilled therapy techniques. Physical Therapy will adjust mobility issues through the use of gait training, balance training, strength training and therapeutic activities to improve safety with movement tasks. Occupational Therapy will address restoring a patient’s independence in activities of daily living; (bathing, dressing, grooming, eating, toileting, etc…) as well as a patient’s ability to reintegrate into the community. Speech Therapy will address issues with cognition, communication, and swallowing.


Q: What are the benefits of receiving inpatient rehabilitation services versus outpatient rehabilitation services?

A: The advantages of receiving rehabilitation services in a skilled nursing facility are that we can tailor the intensity of therapy to the patient’s needs. In other settings, there is typically a requirement for a certain level of tolerance. In a SNF setting, we are able to provide high intensity therapy, up to 7 days a week, and we can tailor the intensity level of treatment so that it is appropriate to meet that particular patient’s needs. Also at Carver Living Center, we offer outpatient therapy services as well as inpatient. In addition to the physical benefits, SNF’s offer patients the longest inpatient stay in rehabilitation in the industry covered by Medicare Benefits.


Q: What is the Medicare Benefit offer for patient’s in need of a inpatient rehab stay?

A: Medicare Part A offers up to a 100 day benefit period.  Medicare Part B covers outpatient rehab services, even if you are already an inpatient at a SNF. You can call our Admissions Department or Business Office to obtain clarification of covered services and co-pays. 919-471-3558

Q:  How will I know when I’m ready to go home from an inpatient rehab stay?

A: At Carver Living Center, patients and their loved ones are informed frequently of their progress towards their goals. Goals are determined in a collaborative fashion with the patient/loved ones, Therapist and the Interdisciplinary Team so our patients are restored to their greatest level of independence. The therapy team conducts home evaluations when necessary to ensure our patients are safe to return to their home environment.


Q: What differentiates rehabilitation services at Carver Living Center from other inpatient facilities?

A: At Carver Living Center, we have a highly experience licensed therapy team who are dedicated to restoring our residents independence to highest level possible. We have state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment not found in any other facilities in the triangle area such as the Alter G Anti-Gravity Treadmill which allows patients to walk at a reduced bodyweight decreasing some pain and physical stress associated with exercising and recovery. Our Speech Therapy team, through use of the FEES System,  (Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing); are able to conduct  fiberoptic swallowing evaluations in-house. Majority of our RESTORE UNIT rooms are private suites with private bathrooms and barrier free showers, very important because it allows our therapist to provide extensive treatment in patients rooms covering most of their ADL’s. Lastly, our staff demonstrates unparalled passion to assure the very best care to those we serve.

CarverLivingCenter_Dwaine_1213Dwaine Wintz, MPT, MPA, CLT – Dwaine assumed the role of Director of Rehabilitation at Carver Living Center March of 2013 and  has been practicing Physical Therapy for over 15 years with extensive experience working in some of the nation’s top rehabilitation centers. Dwaine started his career in the Washington D.C. area , having obtained his Masters Degree from Howard University. Dwaine is an effective advocate for his patient’s best possible outcomes and prides himself on providing the kind of centered care his clients and their loved ones will truly appreciates.








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