If you’ve been looking for an independent living community in Columbus, Ohio, we’ve done some of the research for you. Costs can vary greatly, so it’s important to understand what you’re getting for your money.

Independent Living vs. Assisted Living

Independent living is different compared to assisted living in that the residents are more independent and can usually take care of their own cooking, housekeeping or laundry; however, these services are sometimes available depending on the community. Many people choose to live in an independent living community because they want someone else to take care of home maintenance and yard work.

Many independent living communities double as assisted living facilities, just separated by category. As a person gets older and needs more help with daily living activities, they can easily switch over to the other area of the community. But those people living in independent living communities tend to still be fully functioning adults who just want easier daily options. These communities often provide on-site restaurants or access to dining areas; entertainment such as yoga or art classes; off-site trips to plays or museums; home repairs and maintenance; and medical care. It’s a safe environment with other people who are still wanting to lead full lives without the hassle of home ownership, or having to rely on a friend or family member to help them.

Current Rates in Columbus, Ohio

There are currently 27 independent living communities in and around Columbus. We spent some time looking at several of them to see what they offer and to get approximate monthly prices to compare with the national average of $2,875. What we found is that the cost can vary greatly depending on the amenities. Some offer a wide range of things like classes, off-site activities, and dining options. In general, the more options available, the greater the cost. However, our estimate of the median cost for independent living in Columbus is $2,705.

The Benefits of Community Living

Although the cost can be higher than a mortgage or rent payment, there are many benefits to living in an independent living community. Most residents are around the same age (many facilities require residents to be over 55). Fellow residents want to make mingle with their neighbors while enjoying the community and its amenities. For more active seniors, there are communities that offer biking trails, swimming pools, golf courses, and tennis courts. There also may be numerous on-site classes from cooking to painting.

Many residents in independent living communities have worked hard and want to enjoy their freedom and retirement as much as possible. They want to be around fellow laidback retirees and like-minded people. Living in an independent living community is like living in your own house or apartment, but with neighbors who have the same interests. And if and when the time comes, many of these communities are able to transition a person into assisted living. It’s a smoother transition, since the community stays the same and the same friends and neighbors are still around.

Making the Decision to Move

Senior living options differ for everyone. Many factors should be taken into consideration before looking into an independent living community, including cost and amenities. But for those who would want to stay in the same community for the remainder of their years, it can be the right path. But the smooth transition from independent living to assisted living can be important to a person as they get older.

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