Current Pricing of Independent Living in Triangle, North CarolinaThere’s a growing consensus among the older population in their desire to truly enjoy their retirement years. They want to remain active and have fun with like-minded people. A great way to do this is by moving into an independent living community.

These communities are much like any other community, except there is typically an age requirement of being over 55. The community offers a wide range of things to do geared toward this specific age group. And all regular chores are taken care of, like cutting the grass or trimming the bushes.

Many independent living facilities offer a wide range of activities for the residents. There can be any number of classes to participate in, off-site trips, restaurant and dining areas, and all types of sports for the more active.

Plus, some independent living communities double as assisted living facilities. That way, the person who needs additional help as they get older doesn’t have to worry about moving again. The only things that change are the unit in which they live, and the amount of help with daily activities.

Current Independent Living Rates in Triangle, North Carolina

The Triangle in North Carolina is a hotspot for independent living areas right now. The population in this area is booming, and new independent living options are popping up all the time. Pricing for these communities can cover a wide range based on many different factors, including: location, amenities offered, size of homes, and available classes and trips. In fact, many communities can seem more like a resort than a neighborhood or complex.

As a large percentage of the population is getting older and into retirement years, there’s a greater need for more communities like these. There are 46 independent living communities in the Triangle, with the average cost of $2,900 – slightly higher than the national average of $2,875.

As North Carolina in general is a growing area for retirees, we expect to see more options and more communities with a greater price range on the horizon.

Is an Independent Living Community Right for You?

It can be a difficult decision to move after you’ve spent a lifetime in your home or in the same area. But the reality is, as we get older there can be a lot of things we do that just get more difficult, such as yard work. Independent living communities place residents near like-minded people who want to enjoy their retirement years without the hassle of home ownership. The living community supplies a wide variety of activities, but the the Triangle area also offers numerous events, restaurants, and shopping options nearby. Not to mention mild winters and great weather!

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