scammersEvery year, hundreds of thousands of seniors fall prey to financial scams, says U.S. World & News Report. That’s because seniors so often simply don’t know how to identify a fraudulent situation when it happens to them.

Below are some of the most common cons these scammers are pulling on seniors to help you spot one from a mile away!

Home Repair

If a guy knocks on your door and offers to repair your roof (see those shingles sticking up; you could have a leak soon) or check your plumbing, always remember that most reputable home repair companies do not go door to door. Chances are he’s offering a service you don’t need or one he’ll overcharge you for. He could also be casing your house to break in later. Before you hire anyone, always check references and licenses.


So often seniors are targeted by computer scammers because these con artists know that many people over 65 aren’t the most tech-savvy. Beware of someone who asks for remote access to your computer or wants a credit card or checking account number from you. With this little bit of information, they could clean out your bank account and render your computer inoperable!


These crooks hit seniors where they are most vulnerable by posing as a grandchild and claiming to need money because they’ve been arrested or robbed. If the scam is by phone, the connection is usually bad, so the senior has difficulty recognizing whether it’s really their grandchild or not. Call your grandchildren or their parents to verify before sending the first dollar anywhere.


Scammers are even selling counterfeit drugs online. Not only will you waste your money on drugs that won’t help you, these fake prescriptions could actually hurt you! The best way to make sure the drug you’re purchasing is the real thing is to verify the online pharmacy through the National Association of Boards of Pharmacies.


It’s hard not to get excited when someone calls to tell you that you’ve won something. However, if the caller tells you that you have to send them money (for taxes or otherwise) before receiving your winnings, a red flag should go up and you should hang up!


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