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right at homeQ: Should I keep my loved one at home and care for them or should I put them in an assisted living or nursing home?
A: A very difficult question.  The answer is generally determined by two factors:  The amount of care that can be provided by family members/friends and finances.  Facility placement is also sometimes determined by the level of a person’s disease.  If a person requires around the clock care and it must be provided by an outside agency such as Right at Home, the cost will be at least $13,000 per month to care for that person.  The cost of assisted living varies from facility to facility.  Cost varies from about $3,000 per month up to over $7,500 per month. There is a base price for living in the facility, but additional costs will be incurred as a person needs more assistance.  Another aspect to consider is behaviors that may be associated with an individual.  If a person is violent or is an elopement risk (leaves a facility), they may not be appropriate for assisted living.  To make a determination, you should talk to assisted livings and home care agencies, such as Right at Home, to determine how much assistance is needed and what the costs would be for care.  Right at Home has a proprietary dementia program, AlzBetter, that ha very successful in keeping your love ones at home.  It can provide institutional care in the home.

Q: How do I hire a private caregiver to help me?
A: Hiring a caregiver privately can be a big challenge.  You want someone that is dependable, honest and compatible.  The best way to achieve the first two is through reference checks and background checks.  At Right at Home, we depend heavily on professional reference checks.  We do not use personal reference checks because everyone has friends that will say that Sue is the most honest and dependable person in the world.  How do they know?  By using a professional reference check, you are getting a more unbiased view of that person in a work environment.  Do they show up for work on time?  Do they get along with others?  Do they show initiative?  And my favorite question is, “Would you let them take care of your parents?”  By all means, do national background checks. The Limited Criminal History check done by the Indiana State Police only checks for criminal activity in the state of Indiana.  And the counties must report any infractions to the state police.  We have seen more than once where a national background check produced Indiana infractions that did not show up in the Limited Criminal Background Checks completed by the Indiana State Police. One other issue to be concerned over is insurance, both liability and workmans compensation insurance.  Liability insurance covers any damage that occurs to your property, including theft.  Workmans comp covers injury to others working on your premises.  Homeowners insurance may cover some or all of the aspects of liability or workmans comp, but you need to verify the coverage with your agent.

HomeCareAwardsQ: How do I learn to care for my loved one?
A: There are many aspects to caring for your loved one.  Probably the most challenging aspect of caring for your loved one involves the physical care needed when their physical and mental abilities diminish.  These are typically skills one can learn and there are resources to learn these skills.  The skills needed include how to properly lift and transfer from bed to wheelchair, how to handle incontinence issues, how to position people in bed/change sheets with a bed bound individual, and many others.  For training our caregivers, Right at Home uses videos from Medifecta (  They have a professional series of videos on almost all aspects of caregiving including lifting and transferring, how to care for someone who is bed bound, memory issues.  The videos are very good.  If you would be interested in viewing these videos, we would be glad to set up viewings for you.  The other aspect to caring for your loved one involves other nurse-like skills such as caring for wounds and doing injections. Training for this type of care would be best covered by a Home Health Agency.  It is part of their charter to instruct other individuals in caring for their patients.

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