go graySome of us have been coloring our hair for as long as we can remember. Maybe it started with fun frosting in our 20s and progressed to an all-over color to hide those random gray hairs that snuck in around your temples. Then when the gray took over, maybe we softened the color so it didn’t have to be touched up quite so often.

While there is absolutely no rule as to the age when 7A cool blonde becomes an inappropriate (or ridiculous) color, at some point in time, you just have to strip off the plastic gloves and say, “enough is enough!”

Get hours of your life back. If you decide to embrace your inner silver fox, just imagine the time you’ll save. Even though I’m not spending hours in a hairdresser’s chair, I still spend at least 13 hours a year squirting a bunch of goo on my head to try to keep my locks the perfect shade of ash blonde. (And “try” is the operative word here.) That’s time I could be reading, talking to a friend or doing anything that’s more worthwhile.

Buy a Kate Spade bag. And don’t get me started on the cost. If you’re going to a salon, the price tag could be well beyond $1,000 a year, but even do-it-yourselfers like me spend enough money over the course of a year, including products to keep our hair from getting brassy and tangley, etc. etc., to at least buy ourselves a nice handbag, maybe even a pair of shoes!

Keep at least one chemical out of your body. Another thing that I really hate about coloring my hair is the conspicuous chemical smell wafting from my head right after I do it. Not only does it tell everyone within sniffing distance that, yes, this color is fake, but it also punctuates the fact that I am willingly slathering the protective covering for my brain, an organ that I value greatly, with chemicals. (There have been no definite links between hair color and cancer found, but they’re still looking.)

Practically ooze self-confidence. Having a head full of gray hair says to people, “This is who I am, like it or not.” And you know what? Most people do like it. A silvery head stands out in a room of brunettes and blondes and is definitely remembered. (Look at all the 20-somethings dying their gray for the effect.)

Check out gray role models. If you need another reason (although I’m not sure why you would), just look at all the lovely women in the media, like Helen Mirren, Jamie Lee Curtis, Emmylou Harris and Paula Deen. Their gray, silver and white coifs are as much a part of their personas as their singing, acting and cooking talents. I’d dare even their hairdressers to try to convince them otherwise!

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