resolutionsEvery year, you probably make New Year’s resolutions, only to pack them away along with all your holiday decorations come January 2. Goals are beneficial, but only those you can stick with! While you’re downsizing other things in your life, how about downsizing your resolutions too?!

Work up to working out.

Instead of resolving to go to the gym five times a week — which, if you’re like me, has a slim chance of success — start small with a short walk every other day to get your body accustomed to it. Soon you’ll look forward to the regular exercise and start extending your walks, even adding a few extra activities — like sit-ups or free weights — to your workout regimen.

A good opener for organization.

You decide this is the year to get organized, but when you open that stuffed hall closet or go into your messy attic, your eyes glaze over and you freeze in your tracks. Try taking it one small space at a time. Begin with that jumbled junk drawer that you haven’t sifted through in a decade. Once you get that drawer in shape, you’ll feel so good (clearing out physical clutter can also unclutter the mind!) that you may be motivated to move on to your kitchen cabinets or bedroom closet. But to avoid becoming overwhelmed, be sure to go slowly. We promise that clutter will still be there when you’re ready to tackle it!

Je parle un peu français.

Learning a new language is a resolution that’s on quite a few lists every year. However, when most people sign up for a course, they often find that they’ve bitten off way more than they can chew and give up! Quel domage! Here’s a more achievable strategy: Once you have a trip to another country planned—and the incentive to learn—master some key words and phrases — like “please,” “thank-you,” “excuse me,” “where’s the bathroom?,” etc. You’re likely to pick up a few more words while you’re there and be inspired to expand your vocabulary even further once you return home.

A conversation a day.

Re-establishing connections and becoming more engaged feels like a doable objective until you start joining a bunch of clubs and inviting friends over for dinner on a regular basis. This year, start with just a conversation (with someone other than your spouse) every day. This daily conversation can be anything from a quick phone call to a “chew the fat” meetup over coffee. As the year progresses, you’ll probably find yourself seeking out more frequent opportunities to interact, reconnect and socialize. And that increased interaction will have a significant impact on both your mental and physical health!

How have you made your resolutions easier to achieve?

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