independent livingAre you ready to relax? Do you want to focus on fun, not chores? Well, there’s good news. There are independent living communities who are eager to help you do just that.

“Independent living is right for anyone who is tired of home maintenance, tired of cooking, tired of cleaning, and ready to start enjoying their retirement,” says Laura Martin, Director of Sales and Marketing at Bartlett Reserve in Durham, NC.

Martin says it’s time to make the move “when all of that gets to be too much, and they’re feeling stressed from the upkeep of the house and the yard, and they’re ready to be in a community surrounded by their peers with lots of interesting, fun activities and outings.”

Katie Manning, Marketing Director for Cambridge Village of Apex, says there’s no reason to wait to pursue the independent living lifestyle. “Independent living options for the 55+ demographic have changed!” she says. “No longer do you have to wait until declining health forces you to make a move. Today’s options have opened up a whole new world for those who want to trade the hassle of keeping up a home for simplified lifestyle – one where cooking is optional, fitness is fun, and the daily choices include whether to join in the aqua class or watch a movie in the theater room.”

Martin agrees, and adds that there might be more pressing reasons to move. “If folks wait too long, they might not qualify for independent living,” she says. “They might not be able to enjoy all that the community has to offer, such as the fun activities, exercise programs, guest speakers and all the outings. If they wait too long, there’s a possibility they would miss out on all that and have to go straight to assisted living.”

In addition to all the fun and amenities, there are also supportive services at independent living communities, in case the residents need extra assistance. “If folks do need some support, whether they’re recovering from an illness or need some long-term support, we do have partnerships with third parties where we can help them line that up,” says Martin of Bartlett Reserve.

And Manning says, “Cambridge Village of Apex partnered with WakeMed Health & Hospitals to promote healthy aging in place by offering home health & supportive care services, physical therapy services and wellness services.”

But perhaps the most important thing that an independent living community can add to your life is the access to meaningful friendships and a new family.

“We’re so lucky because our residents make our community a home,” says Martin of Bartlett Reserve. “We have amazing amenities like a pool and granite countertops in the apartments, but none of that really matters because it’s the residents that make us a community and make us a family. And that’s what makes it an honor to work here every day.”

Over at Cambridge Village of Apex, Manning echoes that sentiment. “Our residents and staff truly become family,” she says. “We aim to make every resident feel welcomed, provide them with opportunities to build friendships and help them find a niche where they belong. Ultimately, we make you feel at home.”


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