Looking for some craft ideas for you to make with your grandchildren? Here they are!

These 5 craft ideas offer fun and easy interaction between grandparents and grandchildren, provide hours of fun, and a lifetime of memories.

1) Clam Shell Critters

This craft is great for those school aged grandchildren that are able to be more hands on when making crafts. These cute little critters will add a little character to any room!

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2) Rock Necklaces

This particular craft is perfect for grandchildren who need just a little more help and direction when making crafts.

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3) Tie-dyed T-shirts

The tie-dyed t-shirts are a craft for school aged children that gives a unique item every time.

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4) Silly Sunglasses

This craft allows preschoolers to make fun paper sunglasses!

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5) Paper Sand Dollars

Here’s an easy craft for school-aged children that allows you to have a perfect replica of the beautiful sand dollar!

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Make sure to try out all of these craft ideas! They will be a crowd pleaser to both the the parents and the children. Also, it will allow you to have some much needed bonding and fun time with your grandchildren!


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