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The grandkids probably aren’t the only ones who’d appreciate a cool gadget or gizmo in their stocking this year. Check out these clever tools that your senior friends and family members will also find functional and even fun!

Tile®: Keep Track of Important Items

If someone you love is always misplacing their keys, phone, wallet or just about anything, this slim Bluetooth tracker, along with its handy app, will make these lost items a “tap” to find. They just have to slip one of the slim tiles inside their wallet or hook it onto their keys. If the item goes MIA within the 100-foot Bluetooth range, all they have to do is tap the app on your phone and the attached Tile will play a loud tune to lead them to the item. Finding their phone works in reverse—they just double tap the Tile to make their phone ring, even if the ringer is turned off. The Tile app will also show them the last place and time they had the lost item to help them retrace their steps.

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PopSocket: No More Butter Fingers When Using Your Devices

It’s so easy to fumble a smartphone or tablet. Then there goes the screen! Gifting your friends and family with one of these handy PopSockets will give them a better grip on their devices, while also allowing them to prop up the device for easier reading, texting, video viewing or game playing. They can even use the PopSocket to mount the phone or tablet to their car dashboard with the optional mount. After they’re finished with the Pop Socket, it easily collapses out of the way.

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LastPass Premium: An Easy and Secure Way to Keep Track of Passwords

Has someone you love complained about all the passwords they have to remember? Or maybe their method of keeping track of these important words, numbers and symbols isn’t as secure as it should be. When you register your friend or family member for a gift account, LastPass will securely save their passwords in the LastPass vault (that’s a lot more secure than inside their desk drawer!) and automatically log them in when they access each password-protected site. This password manager will even help them generate stronger, more secure passwords.

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Robo Twist™ Electric Jar Opener: Strengthen Your Grip

Here’s a welcome gift for anyone whose grip isn’t what it used to be. Instead of running tight jars under hot water or digging in drawers for a rubber jar grip, simply place the battery-operated Robo Twist on the lid of your jar, press a button, and the lid pops open. Adjusts to fit any jar size.

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