2017While you may not be up for packing yourself into a crowded hotel banquet room, donning sparkly party hats, and counting down the minutes to midnight with 200 rowdy strangers, there are plenty of other ways to celebrate the beginning of the New Year! Check out a few ideas that might be more your style these days:

Grape flute. If you have a few friends over, fill your champagne flutes with 12 grapes on a skewer in addition to or instead of the bubbly. The Spanish tradition of eating a dozen grapes, one for each stroke of the clock, is thought to bring good luck in the coming year.

Party favor hunt. How many years in a row has Cousin Sue or Uncle Bob fallen asleep before midnight on New Year’s? This year, keep them off the couch and moving around before the big event. Plan a scavenger hunt, where party guests are challenged to find a party hat, horn and maybe even a glass of champagne … all before the clock strikes midnight. The person who finds these items first wins a prize, maybe even a New Year’s kiss with the host or hostess!

Balloon drop. Fill a giant tarp with party balloons and attach it to the ceiling in your living room. Invite the grandkids over, fill plastic champagne glasses with ginger ale, and at the stroke of midnight (or a few hours earlier for young kids), release the tarp as you “ginger ale toast” 2017!

Noon countdown. Granted, some of us simply prefer to be nestled all snug in our beds when midnight rolls around on New Year’s Eve. For us early-to-bed folks, a brunch with mimosas or poinsettias on December 31st and a countdown to noon, instead of midnight, can be just as festive. Heck, you can even break out the sequins and party horns, if you’d like!


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