continuing care retirementNobody likes moving. Even if it’s to a better living space or an exciting new city, the packing, transporting, unpacking, arranging, and acclimating can be just unbearable.

So, do you really think seniors are any different?

Luckily, there’s an option that can keep the hassle of moving to a minimum: Continuing Care Retirement Communities. These facilities, often called CCRCs, offer several levels of retirement living, all under one roof, to make the transitions easier.

CCRC residents typically join the community when they’re active and looking for a fun, social atmosphere.  They benefit from the fact that all care levels are available on the same campus, including Independent living, assisted living, and 24/7 nursing care.

So why is it so important?

Acclimating to a new environment is a tough process for anyone, but it can be even harder for someone whose health is declining. On top of that, many of these residents have already been taken out of their comfort zone with the initial move to a retirement community. A CCRC allows them to go through just one acclimation process and then a less drastic transfer each time the need for additional care comes up.

Because of the cohesiveness of the surroundings, a transfer tends to be much less jarring than a full move. The familiar look and feel of the facilities can help to ease residents into their new place within the community. Not only that, but they will also be comforted by the familiar faces of the staff they have already come to know.

Katharine Ross of Seniors Guide says that CCRC’s work especially well for couples. “Many times a husband and wife develop different care needs over time,” Ross says. “With a CCRC, a wife could have her skilled nursing needs taken care of while the husband is close by in the independent living section. This would allow him to visit often and have a familiarity and well developed relationship with the team overseeing her care.”

So who is the right person to look into continuing care?

Well, the short answer is a smart person! But in all seriousness, CCRCs are perfect for forward-thinking people, who like to be prepared for their future finances, health and happiness.

A good time to consider moving into a Continuing Care Retirement Community is when you are still healthy. It makes the adjustment period so much easier. But, not surprisingly, there is some reluctance for seniors to move away from their homes when they don’t feel an urgent need to. But a short tour of your local CCRCs should change that! Go and take a look around. The convenience should speak for itself.

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