iPadAt Feridean Commons, an independent and assisted living community in Westerville, OH, less than half the residents own computers and even fewer would claim to be “tech-savvy.” However, every single one of the approximately 110 residents has an iPad-based kiosk in his or her home or room and uses it frequently and enthusiastically.

“The technology is certainly cool and cutting-edge,” says Katharine Ross of the Seniors Guide

In June 2015, Feridean Commons installed iPad-based kiosks in residents’ homes to help them stay connected—with each other, with staff, with friends and family, and with what’s going on around them. With a simple touch of a button and/or voice (no typing), residents can check in with staff in the morning (one click communicates that they’re “OK”), make plans with a fellow resident, find out what’s on the menu for lunch, schedule transportation or a repair in their homes, or read and respond to emails from their grandkids. No tech skills necessary! The community can also use the iPads, which remain on in residents’ homes 24/7, to deliver announcements about mail delivery, weather alerts, community activities and more.

About this “Jetsons”-esque technology, vice president and general manager at Feridean Commons, Ron Pyle, explains, “Residents and staff are enthusiastic about being able to communicate with each other, and residents and families are excited to stay in closer touch, especially those who live long distances away.”


Part of the SARA (Situational Awareness and Response Assistant) automated alerting engine that the community implemented in 2010 to centralize monitoring, alerting and reporting for two nurse call systems, these iPads are just one of the many services Feridean Commons plans to roll out in upcoming months. Next up: iPhones with mobile dashboards, which staff will use to respond to care situations more quickly and also more privately than with the current walkie-talkie system.

“The technology is certainly cool and cutting-edge,” says Katharine Ross of the Seniors Guide, which stays abreast of the latest technology trends in the senior market. “But we’re especially excited about how Ohio senior living communities like Feridean Commons are always coming up with new and innovative ways to enhance their residents’ quality of life.”

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