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A New Look at Senior Living

“Retirement is a term that has been transformed ,” says Jessica Buhler.

Well, that’s certainly a fresh take on senior living! As marketing director, Buhler is confident that Kendal at Lexington in Lexington, Virginia is writing the next chapter. And this is the fun part: one filled with learning, growing and interacting.

“For the residents here at Kendal, a phrase that we use is ‘lifelong learning,’” Buhler says. “And that’s truly embraced here. The residents are so active.”

Buhler says that it all starts with the thorough approach to care that Kendal at Lexington is built around. “The concept of the continuum of care at Kendal is one that is individualized and supports whatever your care needs might be for however long you live here,” she says. “Residents come into independent living; we offer apartments and cottages, and many select the life care option. What that means is that they are guaranteed care, if they need to go into our assisted living facility or our nursing center, which are also here on campus. It provides a lot of peace of mind for folks. They know that they’ll have this guaranteed care throughout their lives, and they know that when they come in, their fees are set. Increases in the monthly fee may occur due to inflation or increases in operating costs. However, monthly fees will not increase when the resident moves to assisted living or the nursing center. .”

But when it comes to choosing Kendal at Lexington, Buhler says that’s just the beginning. “That’s one of the reasons people come here, and it’s a big one,” Buhler says. “However, many people really come for the community spirit. Residents are extremely active. Amazing residents live here.”

One such resident is Dianne Herrick, who also serves as the Convener of the Culture and Entertainment Committee. Herrick couldn’t be happier about her decision to live at Kendal at Lexington. “It’s even better than I thought it would be,” she says.

“I have found the stimulation here to be wonderful,” Herrick says. “There is a variety of different kinds of programs. I like the interaction of just meeting all kinds of new people. I have met people who have such interesting life stories. Sitting down at dinner any night, I hear a different story.”

Herrick’s committee is truly special. It plans all of the educational and entertaining programs, and it’s made up entirely of people who live there. “The residents are the ones that put together the program, and it’s a lively program of events,” Herrick says. “We go to Washington and Lee, to VMI, and other art and cultural events that are held out in the community.”

Buhler is thoroughly impressed with what the committee accomplishes. “Truly that’s where everything happens on campus,” Buhler says. “The staff is here to support the residents, but when the residents serve on both resident and board committees, they participate in making major decisions for the non-profit community”.

There’s certainly no shortage of things to do on campus. “We have other kinds of programs from time to time, depending on who we think might be interesting to have here to speak,” Herrick says. “People come and sing. Concert quality musicians have performed. We have movies that residents choose and show twice a week. We go to different performances and events on buses. Our recreational and wellness committee sponsors some events for people to take part in. Activities are ongoing throughout they year!”

So, if this truly isn’t retirement, whatever it is sounds fun!

As Buhler says, the best part of Kendal at Lexington is “the dedication to transforming the experience of aging.”

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