senior housingDepending on Social Security qualifications, this may be a good way to pay for Senior Housing and Home Health Care

By Doug Callahan

Social Security benefits are an excellent way to supplement the cost of home health care and pay for senior housing. But unfortunately, your monthly Social Security check will probably not cover the costs entirely – but it will certainly help!

For example, the cost of living in assisted living facilities usually hovers around $3,000. For comparison, the average monthly benefit for retirees was $1,164 in 2009. That would certainly help to offset the cost, but that remaining $1,836 would have to come from somewhere.

But there are definitely situations in which Social Security can cover your costs. For instance, the cost of Medical Home Health Care is usually in the $20-an-hour range. Depending on how much time you required from such a home care provider, it’s possible to pay for that service entirely with Social Security benefits.

So be sure to find out exactly what you are qualified for, and determine the level of care you require. Luckily, we have ways to help you do both right here!

For more information, visit the United States Social Security Administration online at

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