retire to charlottesvilleRetirement Communities in Charlottesville, Virginia will help you retire in Style

It’s not just for college students anymore! Charlottesville is also a wonderful place to retire.

Not only are there plenty of great options for retirement communities and home care agencies, but there’s also plenty to do! In Charlottesville, you could spend your spring exploring the Shenandoah National Park, your summer enjoying the Downtown Mall, your autumn watching the Cavaliers play football in Scott Stadium at the University of Virginia, and your winter relaxing and taking in the view of the snow-topped Blue Ridge Mountains.

In fact, as recently as 2008, ranked Charlottesville as the best city for active adults to retire. And it was also in the top 100 on their list for overall best cities to retire.

Jill Rowe is Director of Community Relations and Admissions at The Heritage Inn in Charlottesville. She says her favorite part of town is that stretch of shops, theaters, and eateries known as the Downtown Mall.

“At the Downtown Mall, you can get any type of food, in any type of environment,” Rowe said. “It’s just a wonderful selection in a great atmosphere. And there’s lots of live music. It’s probably my favorite thing about Charlottesville.”

Of course, a large part of the local culture comes from the University of Virginia, located right in Charlottesville. Jackie Morris, Marketing Representative for Charlottesville’s own Interim Healthcare says that the school adds a lot to the local atmosphere.

“I think most everybody likes this area because of the cultural things that the university brings here, which we might not have if we didn’t have UVa in the middle of Charlottesville,” she says. “It brings a lot of cultural and social aspects, and people like that.”

And of course, the geography of Charlottesville certainly doesn’t hurt, with a convenient location and beautiful mountain scenery. “I think people like the location, being on the side of the Blue Ridge Mountains but still being centrally located in the state,” Morris said. “So I think that’s what the draw is for seniors and young people alike. It’s got a lot going on, and it’s got a lot to offer.”

But when it comes to seniors choosing a place to retire, Rowe says there are more reasons than the fun of shopping and eating to bring them to the area. One major draw is the fun and educational schedule of events at the local senior center. “We have a wonderful senior center here,” she says. “Having lived in many communities, it’s the best, most well attended senior center I’ve ever run across. It has lots of things to offer.”

“There is also lots of selection as far as independent and assisted living,” Rowe says. “Being able to meet the needs of all different types of seniors makes Charlottesville a great option.”

If you decide to retire in Charlottesville, but don’t want to move to a retirement community, there are several home care options to keep you healthy and comfortable. Interim Healthcare, where Morris works, offers a wide range of options, from companion care to nursing care.

So if you’re looking for a nice place to retire, you should definitely take a look at Charlottesville. After all, it was good enough for Thomas Jefferson!

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