“Today’s senior care centers aren’t one-size-fits-all facilities.”

Traditionally, senior living often meant that past a certain point, it was necessary for a senior to either move in with a family member or move to a nursing home. 2015’s seniors, however, have more options than ever before. Many of these options make it possible to age with dignity and respect, maintaining the quality of life that seniors are eager to keep.

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1. Aging in Place Via Renovation and Repairs

Many seniors prefer to remain in their homes for as long as possible. When they’re at home, they’re in their comfort zones and happy. Moving away from home is often seen as traumatic or too much trouble. In order to make it possible to remain at home long term, it may be necessary to make repairs and renovations: adding or fixing hand rails on the stairs, putting in ramps or widening doorways for wheelchair access, and adding seats or a walk-in option for showers and tubs. Some of these renovations may even be covered by Medicaid, so make sure to check with your local Medicaid office or contact a Medicaid planning expert. With these changes, it’s often possible for seniors to remain at home much longer.

2. Continuing Care Retirement Communities

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC’s) are designed to provide exactly the level of care that their residents need. In some cases, that means mostly independent living. In others, it means skilled nursing services or other regular services designed to make a senior’s life easier. Many people are now choosing to move into continuing care retirement communities early in their retirement years in order to secure a spot when they need higher levels of care. For more info on CCRC’s, click here.

3. Communities that Cater to Specific Values, Cultures, and Interests

Today’s senior care centers aren’t one-size-fits-all facilities. Instead, they provide a wide variety of options for every taste. There are specialty centers designed to cater to specific races, religions, or sexual orientations, as well as other specific values and interests. These communities allow seniors with specific concerns to find a place that is designed just for them.

4. Senior Living Facilities with Higher Education and Recreational Opportunities

Life doesn’t end just because it’s time to enter a senior living facility. For many seniors, activities that will help them pass the hours are a crucial part of choosing a facility. Many facilities offer higher education opportunities or other recreational activities to pass the time.

5. Yoga Rooms, Zen Gardens, and Meditation Options

For seniors looking for peaceful, quiet retirement options, areas designed specifically for meditation are ideal. Their bodies might gradually be failing, but their minds are still sharp! Yoga rooms, zen gardens, and other areas that encourage meditation are a great match for seniors who find these activities appealing.

6. Facilities that Offer Volunteer Options

Age doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s no longer possible to be an active member of the community. Many senior living facilities recognize this, offering seniors opportunities to give back to their community through volunteer outreach programs.

7. Facilities with Engaging Food Experiences

Food isn’t just a necessity of life. It’s also something that can be enjoyed! For seniors who enjoyed good food throughout most of their lives, retirement centers that offer high-quality food experiences can be highly appealing.

8. Bark Parks

For seniors who can’t imagine moving into their retirement center without their furry friends, bark parks are the perfect feature. These parks allow residents to take their dogs out to play and interact with other animals.

9. Facilities with High Employee Retention

Employee retention means employee satisfaction, and that means employees who are more likely to treat the seniors in their care well. When seeking out a retirement community, many seniors prefer locations with a high employee retention rate to provide the best possible experience.

10. Eco-friendly Housing

Sustainable housing was important to many seniors before they moved into retirement centers and it remains important after retirement. Luckily, many facilities are now making sustainability a priority and providing eco-friendly housing for their residents.

Today’s seniors have more options than ever before. Retirement is supposed to be one of the most relaxing times of an individual’s life, and with senior care centers that are designed to appeal to each individual’s specific needs and desires, there’s something for everyone. Many seniors are embracing this trend, shopping carefully for the retirement option that most appeals to their person needs.


Ben Lamm is a communication specialist and blogger at Senior Planning Services, a NJ-based Medicaid planning company dedicated to helping seniors and their families achieve Medicaid-sponsored long-term care. He enjoys playing the guitar, spending time with family and social networking.

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