There are PERKS for using Seniors Guide! If you’ve moved into a senior community using our program, we’ll give you a $50 Target Gift Card once your move-in has been verified.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Find a community using Seniors Guide.
  2. When talking to someone in admissions, indicate you found them using “Seniors Guide.”
  3. Once you’ve moved in, fill out the form on this page and include your community contact’s name
  4. We’ll confirm that you indicated “Seniors Guide” was the program you used to find them and that you’ve moved in.
  5. If everything checks out, the community will give you a $50 Target Gift Card, courtesy of Seniors Guide.

Thank You for using Seniors Guide!

Please fill out the following details accurately and “Read Our Rules” if you have any further questions about our PERKS program.

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