Research indicates that music causes dementia patients to experience positive emotions, recall memories, manage stress and even facilitate cognitive function and promote improved motor skills. There comes a time in the disease process when home health care interventions are no longer effective. That doesn’t mean we stop caring about those seniors.

Capital Health Home Care and Home Care Concierge opted to forego traditional holiday giveaways in 2015 in favor of providing free personalized iPod Gift Sets to seniors with late stage dementia. Recipients were nominated by members of the healthcare community and selected based on need. The gift sets included iPod shuffles, head phones, portable chargers and iTunes gift cards.

Gifts sets are currently being delivered. Capital Health Home Care and Home Care Concierge plan to make their Melodies & Memories Campaign a standing initiative in their community outreach efforts. We will be back out there in the 2016 holiday season looking for nominees. This was a simple gesture that is making a positive impact in the lives of seniors with dementia and their families. It is also bringing great joy to our team of dedicated and compassionate home care professionals. It truly is more blessed to give than receive.

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