e-readerFrom the days when I’d read my Bobbsey Twins books perched in a tree in our backyard, I’ve loved books. Of course, I’ve enjoyed the worlds that they’ve transported me to, but my abiding devotion to books has also extended to the pretty covers, the smell of the ink, the crack of the spine when I opened a new one, and even how they looked on my shelves, while also attesting to my long, long reading history.

So when my husband bought me an e-reader, I only tried it out to humor him. I was completely convinced that after reading a tome or two on that sterile screen, I’d be rushing back to my cherished paper and ink. Much to my amazement (and chagrin), I found there was actually a lot to love about reading this way.

Here are some of the reasons that I’ve donated most of my paper books (except for my favorites) and continued to get my reading fix digitally:

Bigger is better. The type in books, magazines and restaurant menus seems to be decreasing in direct proportion to my increasing age. With an e-reader, I can enlarge the words so that I can read it at a comfortable distance, sometimes even without my reading glasses!

Dim the lights. My husband generally goes to sleep before me. Because my e-reader is backlit, I can continue to read without switching on a reading light and disturbing him. I’ve even used the light from my e-reader to find my way back to bed when I’ve gotten up in the middle of the night.

Never run out of things to read. When I was reading real books, I had to make sure I had a new book waiting in the wings when I was getting close to finishing my current one. Not anymore. Whatever time of day or night and wherever I happen to be (as long as I have Wi-Fi), I can have a new book to read in seconds!

No muscles needed. Books would always weigh down my suitcase when I travelled. Now, with my e-reader, I have an unlimited supply of reading material in a device that weighs well under a pound and is small enough to slip into my purse. Not to mention how easy my past two moves have been—without all those back-breaking book boxes!

Safe from splashes. I still remember the Ayn Rand book that was swollen to three times its original size (and that’s saying something!) because I read it while in the tub. While I can’t get my e-reader wet either, a convenient waterproof case keeps it dry and safe when I’m reading at the beach, pool or in the tub.

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