Working Past Retirement

Today’s workplace is not the same as it has been in other times. Working after retirement from need and/or desire has made retiree employment a game changer, benefiting employers with talented and mature help as well as retirees with more exciting jobs. Retirees are sought after by an increasing number of companies, and many retirees are finding life-affirming work to help them live life as they want to live it in retirement.

Working After Retirement: Great Jobs are Available for the Taking

Retirees are in Demand

When companies need someone skilled but without a strict schedule requirement for short-term projects, retirees save the day. Oftentimes, they already know the job well enough to require little to no training, and their flexible schedule makes a big difference. Companies sometimes retain the contact information of their employees when they retire so they can invite them to return as needed for reliable work. If there’s not enough of past employees to fit their need, they’ll also seek out new retirees skilled in the industry for the same purpose.

Many companies are also embracing seniors and retirees for more regular part-time work because they’ve seen that there is a wealth of untapped talent here.

The professor of management at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Peter Cappelli, has said on the subject:

“If you look at data on older individuals’ job performance and abilities, they get mind-blowingly better with age. Especially in areas increasingly key to success, like interpersonal skills and teamwork.”

Some companies, such as PKF O’Connor Davies, are deliberately campaigning for new senior and retiree talent.

Desirable Jobs for Retirees

Retirement is an ideal time to pursue a job that suits your interests: hostess at a restaurant, for instance; work with kids in a daycare; or get a job as a receptionist.

If you were waiting for retirement to do something adventurous or live in an exotic locale, you can get jobs that let you live that lifestyle and make money at the same time. Many refer to this as an “encore career.”

CNBC reported that retirees are taking jobs at ski resorts, on cruise ships, in national parks, and with whale-watching tours in such droves that a site that was originally intended for college students became an attraction for “the over-50 crowd.”

CoolWorks: check it out for yourself! Or visit RetiredBrains, another resource website dedicated to helping retirees succeed at whatever they wish.

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