stay cool in the summerAs we get older, our sensitivity to high temperatures—hot and cold—decreases. We also don’t shed excess heat like we used to. That means the sweltering temps this time of year could put you at risk for heat stroke, dehydration and other health issues.

As the thermometer goes up and up, check out these ingenious ways to cool your body down:

Take the heat out of your morning routine.

Chill your facial toner in the fridge for a cool splash when you rise. And instead of washing and drying your hair in the morning, when you’re likely to get overheated, wait ‘til bedtime to pull out that blow dryer or avoid it altogether, along with your curling and flat irons. Instead of drinking hot coffee, ice it!

Cool off your conversation.

You probably never go out without your smartphone. Why not connect a tiny, but powerful, fan to that indispensable gadget so you have a nice breeze while you’re texting or talking (on speaker)?

Eat for the heat.

Minimize how much salt, alcohol and caffeine you eat and drink as these foods and beverages can dehydrate you. Caffeine can also constrict blood vessels, which impedes your body’s ability to cool itself off.

Freeze your sheets.

While this sounds like something straight out of a pre-teen pajama party, those freezer-chilled sheets will feel oh-so-good against your warm skin at bedtime. Simply seal sheets in a bag and pop in the freezer. Then make your bed with those crisp, cool sheets right before you turn in. Ahhhh!

Chill your pulse points.

On a really hot day, pull an ice pack out of the freezer or cool a towel with ice water. Place the pack or towel at pulse points, including the inside of your wrists, elbows, knees and ankles. All it takes is about 30 seconds to lower your body temperature and significantly cool off.

Share how you keep cool in the heat of summer.

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