workoutAs the weather gets colder and colder, you’re probably putting on your cozy fleeces and warm socks and hibernating inside with increasing frequency. That means if you typically walk, run, cycle or even go to the gym for exercise, you may not be burning as many calories and putting on some extra pounds as a result (bears may like that extra layer of fat when they hibernate, but you probably don’t!).

Below we’ve provided five creative ways to stay in shape and workout, even if you never step foot outside all winter long:


Wii Fit™offers aerobics and strength training programs as well as yoga and balance training. You can also stream any sort of exercise class imaginable, find many classes on cable channels, or go old-school and pop in an exercise DVD.


If you have stairs, climb them, not just to get dressed and do laundry but to get your heart and other muscles pumping. Tip: If stair climbing is hard on your knees, place your weight on your heels, instead of your toes; you’ll immediately feel the difference!


Since most of us have to do housework anyway, give it all you’ve got! Vigorously sweep the walk, mop with gusto, and put some muscle into that window-washing job. You’ll end up with not only a clean house but also a healthier heart. Who would have thought that was a workout?


If you and your friends love to dance, organize a dance party at your house and put together a playlist of songs from your younger years, the faster the better. If you can’t entice your friends to venture out into the cold, corral your husband or wife into an hour of dancing a few nights a week (watch out for those sparks!) or dance solo where your inhibitions won’t get in the way.


Invite your grandkids over a few times a week and play a rousing game of tag. That’s sure to get your blood pumping! With some youngsters, a game isn’t even required. You may have to chase them to change their diapers, get a nap and stay out of Grandpa’s study.


Share how you stay in shape when the mercury dips.


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