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74 Years of Marriage: An Inspirational Story

It’s great to see these stories about couples that have been together for a lifetime!  We hear so much about divorce, separations and other heartbreaks that we sometimes don’t get to hear about the other side.  Whether you’re single, happily married/dating or going through a rough patch – stories like these can serve as an inspiration of LOVE.

Below is the story of Ed and Fannie Madaris:

(from WBTV)

Inside the little house on Faulks Church road in Union County, is where love lives. It’s also home to the Reverend Ed and Fannie Madaris.

“I know where I saw her the first time is where we were working in the hosiery mill. Lo and behold, we fell in love,” Rev. Madaris said.

Head over heels to be exact. Mrs. Madaris has heard him tell the story many times.

“He said he remembered me he said I’m going to marry that gal,”

Just over a year after the only single guy in the hosiery mill met the prettiest girl who’d ever thought to work there, the two were married. After they were married, Mr. Madaris became Reverend. They had a son, who is a preacher. Two daughters who married preachers. And most recently two grandsons, also preachers.

“It’s been a great joy, a great privilege to be a representative of Jesus,” Rev. Madaris said.

The 96 year old love birds may as well have been married last week, the spark still around maybe in part because, for 74 years 3 months and 9 days, everyday starts special.

“He’ll come in and pat me on the shoulder and sometimes kiss me on the forehead something like that,” she says with a school-girl giggle. A giggle from him follows. Two smiles that could only mean two people, married almost 75 years are still just as deep as the day they wed.

Laughter and love and a real-life, life-long commitment.

“He’s a good man a good husband. I wouldn’t trade him for anybody I’ve ever seen.”

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