overeatingIt’s Christmas week and you’re busily making 10 different kinds of cookies, going to friends’ and families’ houses for parties, and noshing on the tins of fruitcake and fudge the neighbors gave you. How do you keep yourself from overeating this time of year?

Fill up first. When going to parties or dinners where you know there will be foods you shouldn’t eat, head off temptation by eating before you go. At the very least, don’t set yourself up for failure by arriving hungry. You’ll have a much harder time resisting those sausage balls and cheesecake.

Be selective. Most party hosts have at least a few healthy options on their spreads these days. Take advantage of the carrots and apple slices first and if you’re just dying for that pig in a blanket or cream puff, take one bite and toss the rest. You may waste a little food now but your waistline will thank you later.

Talk instead of graze. Holiday gatherings aren’t just about food. They’re also about spending time with friends and family. Make a small plate and move around the room, mingling with other guests, instead of planting yourself next to the food where you’ll unconsciously nibble.

Limit the Christmas cheer. Almost everyone likes a cup of eggnog or some champagne at this time of year, but that one glass usually leads to two, and then before you know it, you’ve lost count. Alcohol itself is the source of many unwanted calories over the holidays, but it can also make you less discriminating about what you eat. After you toast the holiday, fill your champagne flute with fizzy water and you won’t run the risk of over-imbibing or indulging.

Start a new holiday tradition. After you’ve eaten a big meal, gather the gang and walk off some of those calories while checking out Christmas lights and extending dinner conversations. Next year, do it again and before you know it, you’ll have yourself a new holiday tradition.


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