facebookCan You and Your Kids and Grandkids be Friends?

They don’t visit much anymore or even take your calls (texting is the one and only method of communication they understand!). While Facebook may seem like a good way to stay connected with your teenaged and 20-something kids and grandkids, they may see that connectedness as crossing the line.

Here are some guidelines to avoid annoying those kids you want to stay close to:

Don’t EVER tag them.

That picture of you and your granddaughter that you thought was oh-so-cute is just plain embarrassing when it shows up on the news feed of all 500 of her friends! Who knows why, but trust us that she will immediately remove the tag, maybe even unfriend you.

Keep “likes” and comments to a minimum.

If you like or comment on everything your kids post, they’ll think you’re stalking them … which you probably are. An occasional “like” for that stellar “selfie” (definition: self-portrait taken with phone held at arm’s length) is just fine. We know you can’t resist!

Posting on their wall is a no-no.

If you want to tell your son you’re proud of his job offer or excited that he’s going to the beach with you, send him an email. Putting that praise on his wall is tantamount to kissing him at the bus stop. Come on, didn’t you learn anything 15 years ago?

Do not friend all of your kids’ or grandkids’ friends.

Best friends are fine; friending a kid you met once at a football game is just plain weird. You do not need to know about that young lady’s new boyfriend or why he’s mad at his mom. Really, you don’t.

It works both ways.

Just as your kids don’t want you to know about EVERYTHING they’re doing, you probably have some things you want to keep to yourself too. And trust us, they don’t want to see all those recipes and jokes. Just sayin’.

What’s your best Facebook advice?



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