I’m the marketing director for Bartlett Reserve, a Retirement Community in Durham, NC.  Ms. Dot Loescher, one of our residents, moved in with us in August of last year and life as we knew it has never been the same!

sneakers help fall preventionDot is an amazing 93 year old lady, that swears by her CONVERSE sneakers, as the reason she has not taken another fall.  Before purchasing CONVERSE sneakers, she had fallen twice, hitting her head, and one time fracturing a small bone in her nose, but luckily not breaking any major bones.  The second time she fell, she tripped when she was leaving her “shift” at The Ronald McDonald House in Chapel Hill where she is the oldest volunteer on record, still volunteering today, about 2 hours/week (see attached photo).   She has been volunteering there since she was 82 years old, eleven years.  

Her daughter bought her, her first pair in 2013, hoping to help her mom with her balance and fall prevention, and ever since then, she has not had another fall.  She has 18 pairs to this point, all with matching outfits and an unbelievable collection of multi-colored shoestrings to change out, depending on the occasion.  She even has a special gold pair with polka dots, that she wears to church.  She has  received 14 pairs from her daughter and grandkids, for birthdays and Mother’s Day, and special holidays so she says she’s only herself, had to buy 4 pairs. 

Dot has an amazing vigor for life and she says the shoes “have helped me spread happiness to others, as they are great conversation starters.”  “Everywhere I go, people tell me they love my shoes and they just seem to make people smile.” 

September is National Fall Prevention Month and you may ask why this is important:

  • Every 13 seconds an older adult is treated in the hospital for a fall.
  • Every 20 minutes an older adult dies from a fall.
  • In 2013 the cost of fall injuries was $34 billion, with outlooks of over $67 billion in 2020.
  • In 2013, about 25,500 older adults died from unintentional fall injuries, 2.5 million were treated in emergency departments for nonfatal falls, and more than 734,000 were hospitalized.


As you can tell, Dot is a treasure to be around and she is an inspiration to all.

Please let me know if the CONVERSE organization is interested in more information about Dot and her sneakers…..and her vigor for life.

Laura Martin, Certified Senior Advisor

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