live to be 100When I asked my 90-year-old grandmother, the secret to her long life, she immediately told me, “Oatmeal with blueberries every morning.” She lived to be 94!

While her answer wasn’t all that eye-opening since both foods are known to be really good for you, others who have lived to a ripe, old age chalk up their longevity to things that you probably wouldn’t expect.

Below are some of the surprising ways that seniors claim to have lived to a century and beyond:

All the single ladies.

One woman said that staying single and independent helped her live to 109. In her opinion, men were simply more trouble than they were worth. (I held out until I was 52…maybe I have half a shot at 100!)

Latin lover.

An Italian man, who was approaching 100, would disagree about remaining unattached. After his wife passed away, he claimed that spending time (wink, wink) with women kept him happy and cheerful.

Crack the secret.

Three eggs per day (two of them raw) for more than 90 years allowed another centenarian to live 17 years past that 100-year milestone.

Sweet and creamy.

Another lady in her triple digits, who ate daily bowls of Breyer’s ice cream and M&Ms, also credited Pond’s cold cream for her youthful appearance.

Bottoms up.

After having a little nip of whiskey in his tea every morning, a British centenarian lived to be 105!

Be the hare, not the tortoise.

Many centenarians advised staying active and involved, even continuing to work. In other words, slowing down will only speed up the aging process!

Laugh about it.

A French woman who lived to be 122 humorously surmised that “perhaps God forgot about me!”

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