inside activitiesWhether it is rain or snow, the weather can keep us from enjoying the great outdoors.  Looking for some inside activities to help keep your mind off the bad weather?  We’ve got you covered!

When the weather outside is frightful, you don’t have to stay in bed with the covers pulled over your head. Time stuck inside gives you the chance to get some tasks crossed off your “to-do” list as well as an excuse to slow down a bit and even indulge yourself.

Binge watch. When was the last time you watched Gone the Wind from start to finish? Maybe you haven’t seen Gone Girl yet. Find your favorite (or soon-to-be favorite) films online or borrow the DVDs, pop a big bowl of popcorn, and settle in to watch all of the movies on your must-see list.

Pamper yourself. A home spa day is a quick and easy way to reward yourself (you deserve that mani/pedi and bubble bath!) as well as take your stress level down a few notches. And don’t think indulgences like these are just for ladies. Gentlemen will enjoy a hot towel shave, a pedicure, or even a foot or scalp massage, when delivered by the right esthetician.

Preserve your pix. Do you have boxes and boxes of old photos taking up your valuable closet or attic space? Use your hours of downtime to scan and digitally organize all those pictures of the kids, vacation snapshots, or those yellowing and cracking photos of family members you may not recognize but don’t want to forget!

Go the distance. Even if you can’t get outside, you can still get your cardio in. With a training stand, you can easily turn your outdoor bike into a stationary one and do the Tour de France without leaving your bedroom. If you enjoy walking instead, measure a circuit through your house, including up and down stairs, and then lace up your walking shoes and repeat that circuit to equal the distance you walk outdoors.

Dig in the dirt. The ground outside may be frozen, but you can still indulge your green thumb with an indoor container garden. Plant a variety of herbs to pluck as you need them for cooking or surround yourself with flowering pots to brighten even the gloomiest days.

Let us know what you do when the weather is messy.

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