datingYou Are Never Too Old to Date!

You probably thought you’d never have to do this again, but here you are getting gussied up—with palms sweating and heart racing—to meet a stranger and share a meal or some music. In case you’ve forgotten the rules while you’ve been out of the game, here’s a quick reminder:

A date is just a date.
You might think of dating as a means to an end—how to find that great love and settle down with him. But dating can also be simply a fun way to spend time. Have coffee, enjoy some good conversation … heck, even flirt a little (there are no age restrictions on dating around)!

Don’t dwell on the past.
Comparing your date to anyone—for better or worse—is a recipe for disaster. A new woman in your life will never take the place of an old love and hopefully won’t hurt you like she did either. And talking about that person, for even a few minutes, will make your date feel like a third wheel. Start fresh and try not to look back.

Opposites attract, but similarities bond.
At this point in your life, it’s only natural to be a little set in your ways. For that reason, coupling up with someone who is your polar opposite could be challenging. While some differences will help you grow and experience new things, you’re generally better off finding someone who shares many of your same interests, values and goals.

There’s plenty of time.
Maybe you waited five years to settle down with your husband when you were in your 20s. So what’s the rush now? Just because you’re “not getting any younger” doesn’t make it any less important to get to know your new love before you commit your life to him.

Dating can be a scary prospect at any age, but after you’ve spent your life with one person or been alone for many years, dating can be about as daunting as jumping out of an airplane … without a parachute. But just close your eyes, relax and enjoy the experience!

Let us know about some of your senior dating experiences.



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