raleighRaleigh, NC in Top 10 Fittest Cities for Baby Boomers
In a recent survey done by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) and the Huffington Post, Raleigh, North Carolina has been ranked on of the fittest cities in America for Baby Boomers.

The reasons for Raleigh’s high ranking in the study?  High Life Expectancy, Mental/Emotional Health, Baby Boomers with Health Insurance, Number of Hospitals, and Gyms & Fitness Centers in the area.

Life Expectancy
Baby Boomers who move to Raleigh can exect a high life expectancy throughout their retirement years.  Other high ranked services contribute to the overall quaility of life in Raleigh, NC as well.

Mental/Emotional Health
Related to a high life expectancy for Baby Boomers, Raleigh also offers high mental and emotional health to its residents.  Of the surveyed adults who were 55 and older, a high percentage cited that they were either “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with their life.

Health Insurance
As health insurance has recently been in the news, it comes as a relief to know that Raleigh, NC Baby Boomers and Seniors ranked very high nationally in number of city residents who had health insurance.

Raleigh, NC and its neighboring cities have some of the best hospitals in America.  While this is not news, the number of hospitals per 100,000 people was at an impressive level.  The medical care available from Duke Raleigh Hospital, Rex Healthcare, as well as neighboring UNC and Duke Regional will keep you happy and healthy.

Gyms and Fitness Centers
The number of gyms and fitness centers available to the residents of Raleigh keep residents fit and educated about what is best for the body, mind and spirit.  Whether its the local ACAC, Senior Center, or a Planet Fitness – signing up for a gym membership or participating in a fitness plan help the body age comfortably.


The graphic below represents other cities that also ranked high on the APTA’s survey of the Fittest Cities in America for Baby Boomers.


For more information and other cities, see original article via Huffington Post.

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