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Spoon Stops Shaking by 70% During Meals

Mealtime for some means having to try to calm shakes and body tremors to avoid a mess.  For those with Parkinsons and other stabilization affecting experiences, getting relief and stopping involuntary shaking can be difficult-if-not-impossible.  A new tool in the fight for control can reduce shaking by up to 70%.

Developed by Lab Wares, this technologically advanced spoon was designed specifically to stabilize itself while being held by a shaky hand.  The device itself is what supports the stabilization, while the metal spoon is an attachment.  Lab Wares is currently developing a knife, fork and other attachments for the device.

By counteracting wavering movements of the hand, the stabilization to reduce shaking will make all kinds of meals a more pleasant experience for those with tremors – including hot soup, salad, and other meals that could potentially be messy or cause frustration to eat in public.

The device is also portable and comes with a case for easy transportation.  So it can be used at home or on the go.

In clinical trials, tremors and shaking was reduced during multiple eating scenarios.

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