The long awaited arrival of the spring season is finally over. And soon, summer will be in full swing. People will be heading out to their yards to enjoy the sunshine and summer-season fun. Here are a few ways to safe this summer:

Sunglasses, Hats and Sunscreen

As the temperature begins to warm, more and more people will be taking to their gardens to plant flowers, pull weeds and harvest the fruits and veggies of the season. Gardening boasts a wide range of health benefits from building hand strength and dexterity to boosting self-esteem. People who garden are also at a lower risk of developing dementia or suffering from a stroke, according to Earth Easy. But as the temperatures begin to rise during the spring and summer seasons, seniors are more likely to be exposed to the sun’s harmful rays. While Vitamin D is essential, spending time out in the garden without the proper sun protection is dangerous.

Stay safe in the summer by always wearing sunglasses, hats and sunscreen. Choose a pair of wraparound sunglasses that offer full sun protection in addition to 100 percent UV-blocking lenses. Darker lenses can help to reduce both glare and eyestrain in high-light conditions. Revant Optics offers a variety of lenses that are compatible with Maui Jim, Arnette, Oakley and Ray-Ban frames. It’s wise to have a spare pair of lenses on hand, just in case your original lenses get scratched while working outside. In addition to wearing sunglasses, invest in a good wide-brim hat to keep your neck protected from the sun and wear a sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection.

Gloves, Long Pants and Close-Toed Shoes

The warmer weather also provides the perfect opportunity to get your classic car out of the garage and tinker around on its parts, shine up its wheels and give it a spin around the neighborhood. But before you get to work, make sure that you’ve got the right gear to tackle the job.

Auto Week recommends wearing gloves when working with chemicals and oils. Latex-dipped gloves like the Miller Electric Welding gloves can come in handy when working on projects that require a sturdy grip. The auto experts also suggest having a pair of general leather working gloves in your tool bin just in case you need to change a tire or handle heavier objects around your shop. In addition to a having a few good pairs of gloves, it’s wise to always wear long pants, like denim or Carhartts, and close-toed shoes or boots when working on your vehicle. This way your legs and your feet are protected from unavoidable spills and accidents around the garage.

Aprons, Mitts and Grilling Tools

The arrival of summertime means that there will be no shortage of family gatherings and backyard barbeques. Although these festivities are a great way to bring family and loved ones close, they can be potentially hazardous if safety precautions are ignored. In 2012, 16,900 people were admitted to the emergency room for grill-related injuries, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

Before you get behind the grill, suit up like a real chef. Wearing an apron and mitts may seem silly, but these items can help to protect you from grill-related burns and spills. Grilling can get messy, so wear a long apron to keep your clothes stain-free. It’s also very important to use the proper grilling tools, like stainless-steel spatulas, grilling tongs and a long stainless-steel fork to keep your hands a safe distance from the heat.

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