The Wellness program at Carolina Bay in Wilmington, North Carolina is designed to fully immerse residents in a well-rounded, multi-dimensional, and comprehensive program where residents can achieve an exceptional feeling of well-being and a high sense of self-efficacy leading to an extraordinary quality of life.

Our goal is to provide residents with the opportunity to have some of the best years they have ever experienced.

Our Wellness Center will consist of a wide variety of fitness and wellness programs to suit the beginner as well as the advanced fitness enthusiast. We will provide several, diverse levels of aquatics from the Arthritis Aquatic Program to “Hydro Circuit” training sessions, as well as high intensity water aerobics, incorporating full body movements and using resistance equipment to target all of the major muscle groups.

Carolina Bay’s Wellness Center will provide everything from Cardio and Strength Conditioning classes with weights and resistance bands to seated conditioning classes and multiple levels of Tai Chi and Yoga. Residents will be able to take full advantage of personal training sessions with staff on site, as well as have exercise prescriptions and fitness assessments tailored specifically to meet each resident’s needs.

carolina-bay-logoNo matter where an individual is in their own unique lifestyle, the Wellness program at Carolina Bay will most certainly meet each individual’s needs on a personal basis. Programming will be available for those with cardiac and pulmonary conditions, as well as those living with low-vision and mobility challenges. Falls prevention is of high importance on our campus and therefore we will offer beginner as well as advanced balance classes and one-on-one balance specific training to prevent falls from happening in the future.

Residents will begin to see steady decreases in blood pressure, lower resting heart rates, increases in cardiovascular endurance, as well as increases in muscular strength by participating in everything we have to offer at the Wellness Center. At Carolina Bay we will rely on our beautiful, natural resources in Autumn Hall to expand our Wellness program outside of the walls of Carolina Bay with nature walks on the trails and around the 8-Acre Lake, Tai Chi, Yoga, and Meditation in the gardens, parks, and lawns, and even kayaking trips on Bradley Creek.

With the wellness facilities of Carolina Bay and the location itself, the possibilities for fitness and wellness programming are endless. 

The Wellness program at Carolina Bay will have an open referral system and an open line of communication between the Rehab department and the Wellness department to ensure a full continuum of care. If a resident is in need of rehabilitation services, once they are discharged and graduate from therapy, they will have a smooth, seamless transition into the Wellness Center and will be properly oriented to the staff and programming to continue their plans of care and take their bodies to the next level and beyond.

Residents participating in Carolina Bay’s Wellness program are sure to feel better physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually. Individuals can expect to achieve a higher sense of well-being and quality of life not only in the Wellness Center but throughout the entire community of Carolina Bay. We invite you to come be a part of something special and unique. Come be a part of the Wellness program at Carolina Bay.

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