holiday-stress-familyDon’t Turn into a Scrooge: 4 Easy Ways to Take the Stress out of the Holidays and Cure Holiday Stress

Holidays are supposed to be happy times. However, you generally have so much to do—shopping, cooking, entertaining, partying—that they can sometimes be as stressful as they are joyous. Here are some easy ways to keep the traditions of the holidays from making you want to fast forward to January!

Pass the Torch

You’ve hosted Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner for decades now. Time to take your well-earned place in front of the TV while your kids worry if the turkey is too dry or there are enough chairs for those extra dinner guests. Better yet, head somewhere warm for the holiday and start a brand-new tradition that includes steel drums instead drumsticks.

Shop Early

If each year you head to the stores on Black Friday with the rest of the free world … and each year, you end up promising yourself you’ll never do it again, this is the year to make good on that promise! While you may miss out on some great deals, is the pushing and shoving and jockeying for parking spaces really worth it? If you start shopping now, you’ll not only avoid the crowds but you’ll also find more thoughtful gifts as a result.

Turn Decorating into a Party

Dragging the Christmas tree and all those boxes of holiday decorations out of the attic becomes more challenging the older you get. Why not enlist the help of your kids and grandkids (or if you don’t have any of those, maybe you have some young neighbors who are willing to help) with the offer of Christmas cookies and hot chocolate? You’ll have a decorated tree—and a holiday party in full swing—in no time!

Give Your Regrets

Don’t really enjoy that neighborhood holiday party? Seen the “Nutcracker” more times than you can count? This year, try saying “yes” only to those events you want to attend and politely decline the rest. You’ll find yourself enjoying the festivities more in the process.


How do you avoid holiday stress?


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