robots for senior careUsing Robots For Senior Care?

Can artificial intelligence soon be used as an interactive caretaker for older adults?  If we were to follow Japan’s lead, yes – robots for senior care could be the future of the senior care industry.  Here in the US, many of our aging population are living longer, fuller lives more independent than in recent years.

With computers and the Internet becoming part of daily life, using robots for senior care doesn’t seem that far fetched.  Although it will never take the place of human interaction, robots could be an alternative for the more tech saavy older adult.  From the simple command of a robot that would pick stuff up off the floor eliminating the need for a risky bend over, to a robotic reminder to take medications, these useful machines could help improve independence for US Senior Citizens.


PC World says:

“From USB-connected seat cushions that detect how someone’s weight is distributed to robots that can control appliances by voice commands, technology aimed at the elderly and handicapped can take on many forms.

Eldercare is a big concern in Japan, where the population is among the world’s oldest on average. The country has recently become more proactive in addressing issues involving individuals with special needs, and domestic firms are responding with technological solutions to help care for the elderly.”

Even the Roomba can be considered a robotic device used for in home care.  The simple, easy to use Roomba can pick crumbs off the floor, and clear dust and dirt from other areas of the home.  Many American Senior Citizens enjoy their Roombas for this very reason.  They are also pretty fun to play with.

The video below shows some examples of how Robots for Senior Care are being used.  Although these are from Osaka, Japan – could you envision these being used here in the US?  If so, how far off are we from adopting these technologies?

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