spinal stenosis

Spinal Stenosis is caused by a narrowing of spaces in the spine. Generally, this occurs in one of the following three places:

  • Spaces between the vertebrae
  • Spaces near the center of the spine
  • Areas where nerves branch out from the spine

There are two most common types of Spinal Stenosis are Lumbar and Cervical.


There are many reason Spinal Stenosis my happen within the body. One of the major causes is due to age related changes. Patients that are affected of this disease are more prevalent between the ages of 50 and 80. There are many other factors for this such as:

Arthritis: Specifically, areosteoarhritis and rheumatoid arthritis can lead to Spinal Stenosis.

Trauma to the spine: Accidents and injuries may occur having an effect on the spine and areas surrounding it causing Spinal Stenosis to occur.

Inflammation and Tumors: Abnormal growths such as tumors and inflammation near the spine can affect the spinal canal. This type of activity in the body can lead to bone loss and over activity within some bone cells. In some instances, the supporting structure for the spine may be compromised.

“Quite often patients that suffer from spinal stenosis that have failed conservative treatment do very well in surgically and can get back to their normal lifestyle”, says Dr. Clairborne Irby Jr., a spine surgeon from OrthoVirginia and Parham Doctors’ Hospital


Though we cannot go against our body’s natural design to change as we grow in age, we can do our part to stay healthy. Here are some ways to fight against Spinal Stenosis:

  • Regularly exercise.
  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • Use good posture.
  • Do not smoke. Smoking has been associated with back problems such as loss in bone density and high risk of bone fracture and deterioration.

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