exerciseOnce a Week! You only NEED to Exercise Once a Week!

Now, wait a minute that can’t be true! Actually it is – quality over quantity. A recent Canadian study showed that women who engaged in a weekly strength training program are more likely to slow improvement in their physical and mental abilities than those who engaged in a bi-weekly program.

3 Training Groups for the Women

We are talking about strength training with dumbbells, resistance bands, weight machines and free-form exercises. A 12-month study was done with 155 women who were randomly divided into three groups:

1 – weekly

2 – bi-weekly

3 – twice a week without weightlifting

Strength Training Groups showed Cognitive Ability Increase

The strength training groups demonstrated increase in cognitive ability at the end of the 12 month study. This included decision-making and conflict resolution skills. Similar tests a year later identified that members of the weekly strength training group demonstrated long-term mental and physical benefits while those in the bi-weekly group did not.

Training that is Easier to Keep Up Yields better Results

Author Teresa Liu-Ambrose suggests that the reason behind the difference is that weekly participants had an easier time keeping up the exercise program than their bi-weekly counterparts. She notes that it is more important to stick with an exercise routine for a longer period than to exercise more frequently for a shorter period.

How much Exercise will do it for You?

If you are anything like these study participants, you might have a choice here worthy of consideration. Would you be more likely to continue for years if you just went to your gym once a week and enjoyed a lengthy workout? Is it more difficult to get yourself motivated several times a week over the long term? What works for you.

If the goal includes developing your mind along with your muscles, maybe it is worth considering these results. Choose whatever will work for you consistently, and keep it up!

Information from an article by Home Care Assistance in Raleigh, NC.

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