By: Cascades Verdae Senior Living in Greenville, South Carolina

Members and staff at Cascades Verdae, Greenville’s premier retirement community, decided to do a lip-sync video to showcase Cascades Verdae’s Weller Life®. The members wanted to showcase their vibrant lifestyles and favorite activities. However, simply “Dancing in the Street”was not enough for these active seniors. They added their own version of “Harlem Shake” at the end.

Cascades Verdaes’ chorus decided to join in the fun by demonstrating their a cappella singing skills. Dale Burke, a local musician, directs the choir and arranges every piece they perform throughout the year. Burke crafted the “Dancing in the Street” arrangement to flow seamlessly from the chorus’s singing to the recorded version. The chorus and the other Cascades Verdae members enjoyed the opportunity to display their passions.

The Weller Life® initiative encourages people to live independently longer. The core belief of Cascades Verdae is that at any point in one’s life regardless of age or condition, their quality of life can improve.

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