By: Marsh’s Edge in St. Simons Island, Georgia

Members and staff at Marsh’s Edge, St. Simons Island’s premier retirement community, participated in a lip-sync video to the Martha and the Vandellas hit song, “Dancing in the Street.” They particularly enjoyed developing the concept and story of the video.

The upbeat music video features many Marsh’s Edge members in various locations throughout the community. Dick Wilton embraced the fun aspect of the video by participating in some of the more humorous scenes like making out with a woman in the library while ladies spy on him, muttering a thank you prayer in church while his face is covered in lipstick, and having his hair curled in the hair salon.

Marsh’s Edge started The Weller Life® initiative to encourage people to live independently longer. The core belief of Marsh’s Edge is that at any point in one’s life regardless of age or condition, their quality of life can improve.

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