Elizabeth Frasier

Raleigh, North Carolina

My mother, Elizabeth Frasier, now age 93.7 years old, purchased her first guitar when she was age 60. Her first teacher said to her “make the choice today, between those fingernails or this guitar.” She chose the fingernails and put the guitar in her attic. At age 82, mom said “Get my guitar down from the attic, to heck with the finger nails.”

She found a wonderful teacher who had written guitar lesson books for his students. Very soon she was playing chords and making up songs to fit the chords.

Over the last 12 years, my mom has played at the following gatherings, and more:
• Children’s birthday parties
• Seniors’ meetings
• Church gatherings
• Book clubs
• Grandparent meetings
• A Martin Luther King Celebration – The High Point Theater – High Point, NC

Now here is the “clincher”… For her grand daughter’s bridesmaid party, she wrote the enclosed song on 8/26/17. She made copies so that all 50 people could sing along.

I have not seen or heard of such an active and creative 93.7 year old lady. Have you?

Her Son,

Anthony W. Jones

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