David McAllister, Piano Player

2014 Summit Jazz – Buck Creek playing Dans Les Rues d’Antibes David McAllister is the piano player for the Buck Creek Jazz Band. They are playing Dans Les Rues d’Antibe, a traditional jazz tune. He can also be seen in other YouTube videos listed in his website www.cmonline.com. His playing is also featured in several…

Crazy by Patsy Cline

Denise Williams – “Crazy” I love Patsy Cline! I have a secret passion to travel the country doing a Patsy Cline impersonation show! Enjoy!

Runk & Pratt – “Up All Night”

Runk & Pratt in Lynchburg, Virginia A group of senior’s decided to sneak out of their retirement community one night and sneak back in without ever getting caught. Needless to say they had way too much fun, this video recounts the memories that they made together throughout that adventurous night! For more information on Runk…

Exceptional Pianist Blows Us Away!

Minerva Lawson is 83 years old. She began playing piano in 1939 at the age of eight. She took only one year of piano lessons. Please enjoy this video of Mivera working through a medley of songs. Minerva says “I love music. I love the feeling I get when I am playing. Sometimes, I feel…

Let There Be Peace on Earth

Patrick Robertson served in World War II and is currently a resident of the VA Veteran’s Care Center in Roanoke, Virginia. Mr. Robertson has this to say about “Let There Be Peace on Earth”: “It’s a very special song.  I sing it here at church service, often” Learn more about the Virginia Veterans Care Center…

John T & Ukelele

John sings us a song with his beloved Ukulele on the trials and tribulations of what credit cards can do.    

Les A~ Train Master

Les is a master carver and woodworking artist who has received recognition and praise for his amazing talent, particularly in the creation of trains.