Halloween Cabaret – Monster Mash

monster mash

The Monster Mash Cincinnati, Ohio The Traveling Song & Dance Troupe features John Wolff, Leo Shuller, Karlie Yeazel, Barbie Schwartz and Susan Schapiro as Elvira.  93 year-old Leo Shuller as a Zombie dances in with 25 year-old Karlie Yeazel as Winnie from Hocus Pocus, 86 year-old Barbie Schwartz as Gramma Fairy Witch. We performed in…

Dangerously Amazing Pushups

albert harper

Albert Harper Detroit, Michigan 65 year old Albert Harper does push ups on two VHS tapes over a bed of nails with one foot on the A-JAX can and one foot in the air.

Daddy’s Little Man

Charles Geraci Cincinnati, Ohio This is a video of me reciting a poem I wrote for my son. Elijah Geraci was born July 25, 2001 with Down Syndrome and he has been the joy of our lives ever since. Thank you for your consideration.

Revel Studio Seniors Loosen Their Hips

revel studio

Revel Studio Seniors Carmel, Indiana The seniors at Revel Studio under instructor Cindy Schembre believe in “use it or lose it”. You can find us “using it” every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and occasionally on a random street corner in Carmel, IN (after we alert the police first (-: )

Bill Gammon – Loving Life

bill gammon

Bill Gammon Ruffin, North Carolina Enjoying singing and playing traditional country music and Hill Billy Rock. Merle Haggard was my all time favorite. Attended a concert in Rocky Mount, Va at The Harvester Performance Center 7 months before Merle passed. I am 70 years old and started singing at 18 years old.

Squier Red and The Blues Band – I Can’t Eat

squier red

Squier Red & The Blues Band Durham, North Carolina Teaching myself to play guitar at age 42 has allowed me now at 56 to now play for Charities and Civic functions free of charge with the band I founded. Squier Red & The Blues Band are a mature group of individuals from all walks of…

Eugene Bessler

eugene bessler

Eugene Bessler Emerald Trace Senior Care by Rosedale Green in Elsmere, Kentucky 91 year old Mr. Eugene Bessler playing his rendition of “Turkey and the Straw” on the harmonica. Mr. Bessler loves entertaining his friends and family!